The new Snapchat Spectacles look more like normal sunglasses

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The new Snapchat Spectacles look more like normal sunglasses

Snapchat introduced two new types of sunglasses – Nico and Veronica. They are identical internally with the introduced glasses at the beginning of this year, that the shots and Full HD videos, but they now come with polarized lenses and a new semi-soft protective case, designed for portability. They spend the ratings UVA and UVB.

The new lenses are available today, initially in limited quantities in some European countries and the United States. They are available in the UK for £ 199 or £ 50 more than the standard snap shows. Later this year, they will also be sold to Harrods and Selfridges Smartech UK.
2018 glasses are resistant to water, two microphones and images on the phone can transfer quickly – Schnapp says transfer times of less than 3 seconds shows. 2018 glasses can also save up to 150 videos and 3000 photos.

Later this year, a new Snapchat feature designed to automatically manage captured specifications begins to unfold in a story unfolding. The idea is that this will make your shots much easier to share specifications.

More than 187 million people use Snapchat every day, including 60 million in Europe. Snap indicates that since the launch of two shows in April users captured more grab when they have two glasses, an increase of 40% on average per user.

Snap adds that looks over the phone, saying that “the phones are not always the main source of communication, documentation and entertainment … we imagine a day when the camera will also deliver the holder rich shows this understanding is achieved through the integration of digital layers in the vision of the physical world [augmented reality with].

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